Who Are We?

With annual gross revenues of over 1 billion dollars, Broadway is a small industry compared to other business sectors. Yet, Broadway shows are a vital ingredient in the fuel that powers the engine for urban renewal, economic development, and cultural tourism for American cities, both large and small.

Everyone knows each other on Broadway. For many, a career in the theater is the family business. For most, the dream of working on Broadway is a calling—no less burning than the desire to be an Olympian or a doctor —certainly as life-saving. But, for the people who work here, delivering an experience that audiences will remember for the rest of their lives is “just another day at the office”.

The Broadway Education Alliance (BEA) is a New York based 501.c3 not-for-profit organization that strives to harness the best and brightest minds working in and around the theatre, in corporate America and in the field of traditional and digital education. The organization was formed to stimulate innovation, collaboration and new enterprise in the theater, performing arts and live entertainment industry. With a focus on arts education and audience enrichment, the organization endeavors to build public and private partnerships between art makers and business or civic leaders to incubate programs and services that deliver long-term value to families, schools and in their communities.

The organization is currently focused on three initiatives:

  • The Greater New York High School Theater Honors—recognizing excellence in student performance
  • Marya’s Gift—enabling middle school children to attend theater, art and dance programs
  • The Crossroads Classroom—connecting Broadway professionals to students via state of the art distance learning technologies
  • Camp Broadway’s This Is A Great Country—celebrating the important role that military families play in supporting America with a featured appearance in the 91st Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.