marya's gift

Why has The Broadway Education Alliance established Marya’s Gift?

The Broadway Education Alliance has established a scholarship fund in the memory of Marya Lenn Yee titled Marya’s Gift.  Marya was a brilliant legal professional and a passionate patron of the arts who believed that theater, dance and design can inspire children and enrich their lives.

What is the focus of the program?

The mission of Marya’s Gift is to enable future generations of artists to feel the love and support she provided to everyone who was lucky enough to have known her.  Marya’s Gift will provide financial resources to organizations that benefit children ages 9-15 who demonstrate a passion for theatre, dance or visual design, as well as the talent and interest in pursuing a professional career in any aspect of the arts or culture industry.

How will funds donated to Marya’s Gift be managed?

Broadway Education Alliances’ mission is to raise awareness of and funding for arts education programs that inspire creativity, build confidence and stimulate critical thinking in America’s youth.

Broadway Education Alliance, a 501.c3 organization, (Tax ID #32-017801), will collect, administer and distribute any funds donated to Marya’s Gift annually.

Who will review and select the recipients of Maryas’ Gift scholarships?

Scholarship applications will be reviewed twice a year by a five (5) member advisory board that includes Brian Curran, Director of the Broadway Education Alliance, and a select group of Marya’s friends and colleagues who are honoring her lifelong passion for and commitment to sharing the arts.

How do I apply for a Marya’s Gift scholarship for my child?

Scholarship applicants must complete the official application and return it along with: (1) a 250 word description of background, interests and why he/she would like to attend one of several featured arts programs that include Camp Broadway (New York and Atlanta), Battery Dance and School of Visual Design Arts for Kids, (2) a letter from his/her Parent or Guardian defining the circumstances of the request and why this child would benefit from the experience of attending the selected program and, (3) a letter from his/her Teacher or Friend detailing the child’s unique talents and how participation in the selected program can enhance his/her skills and understanding of the discipline.